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Updated: Jul 24, 2019

In this teamwork building game, there are 5 groups (can be of any number: 3, 4, 5…). Four of the groups will start at each corner of the cones that make up a large square in the playing area. 1 team starts at the cone in the middle of the square. Students of each group must hold hands at all times, and not break the link.

On the “GO” signal, the groups in the corners must leave their corner and try to get to a different corner cone (can’t go diagonally through the middle area).

The team in the middle will also try to get to a corner spot/cone before a different group. In the end, 1 team will be left without a corner spot (since there are only 4 corners, and 5 teams). That remaining team goes to the middle.

Now again the coach will yell “GO” and the whole process repeats. The team who doesn’t make it to a corner of course goes to the middle. Etc, etc, etc.

Remember that students in the groups must hold hands through the process.

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