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"You don't really know someone until you've had recess with them."

- Alex Ziton

Join the CF Fitness Team!

CF Fitness ensures that every child play like it’s the last 5 seconds of physical activity by levering method on playgrounds. We create an atmosphere for every child to be a star on the playground by feeling included, being active, and build valuable social and emotional skills.

Our determination demands that we devote a lot of time in recruiting, developing, and managing a team that reflects the broad diversity of our communities. Our core values of honesty, respect, integrity, and active healthy play are the foundation of our organization and are embedded in all aspects of our work, including recruiting and retaining the best talent we can.

Our Staff

Join the movement and help us bring out the best in thousands of kids with our energetic part-time positions on and off the playground. Apply for open positions:

About the Company

CF Fitness mission is to see every child across the United States develop skills through fun fitness routines with a safe structured environment while kids increase their higher level of thinking.  We make a fun atmosphere for every child at lunch, PE and after school; so every kid feels a part of a team and has fun developing great character through activities. We offer a vital opportunity for kids, teachers, and families to develop a new mindset for physical activities, nutrition, and safety.  This allows children to connect with other kids and to expand their way of thinking and grow physically, psychologically and socially.

About the Position

We are looking for dynamic individuals who are naturally motivated and possess clear and open communication skills.  You should be humorous and playful with an ability to set clear goals and follow through.  You are patient, flexible and enjoy working with elementary school children. You are comfortable working in a leadership role, possess creative problem solving tools and able to accept direction from our Coaches.


As a CF Fitness member, you will mirror our core values of respect, inclusion, healthy play, and healthy community, and have an opportunity to be a part of this important growing movement across the Nation, “We believe a healthy body equals healthy mind.”

Employment /Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the Southern California Area.  All candidates must complete a CF Fitness Orientation training to be eligible for each opportunity. All volunteers must pass the screening requirements, background check and National Sex Offender Check.


Assist the CF Fitness Program Coordinator (Coach) at the elementary school in creating a safe and inclusive playground.  Be a significant presence by organizing and playing games with 100+ students. Encourage safe, healthy play and positive conflict resolution through role modeling and active participation.

Employment / Volunteer Positions
CF Fitness Friends - Whoping Wally

Must love to play games and lead activities with kids and have the ability to model positive behavior. Actively engage a diverse range of students in a respectful and inclusive healthy play environment. Demonstrate ability to build rapport, trust and respect with all students.

School Partnership duties:
  • Consistently represent CF Fitness brand in a professional manner.

  • Design program schedule with input and support from school administration.

  • Communicate with school administration regarding program implementation logistics and management support needs.

  • Facilitate school’s transition to other CF Fitness trainings, programs, and products in preparation for future school year.

  • Mediate program issues with schools, staff and principals

“Pro Star” Playground Support
“All –Star” After School Support

If you're a good fit for this position, you already know most of what this job entails. However, to be sure we're providing a complete picture, here are some details:

  • Success in this position will require you to be highly organized, great at multitasking, with a strong attention to detail and ability to manage time and multiple priorities

  • The strongest candidate will be a motivated self-starter with ability to set clear goals and follow through with flexible and creative problem solving.

Required Skills & Experience:
  • Extensive knowledge of youth development principles and practices, especially relating to social and emotional learning, play and inclusion.

  • At least 2 years of experience working directly with small and large groups of children.

  • Experience working collaboratively with adults and facilitating trainings for adults..

  • Strong written and oral communication and presentation skills with the ability to facilitate small and large group presentations.

  • Experience establishing and maintaining professional relationships with external clients and excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Experience interacting with diverse communities and ability to integrate into school community.

  • Knowledge of computer and internet based programs especially Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and GoogleDrive.

  • Requires flexibility to readily adapt to a changing environment


We ask for a minimum 10 -20 hours per week for 10 months

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM. – 1:00 PM*

Weekends: (optional)

*Times vary depending on site

Let's Work Together

Join the CF Fitness Team Today!

Become a Pro or All Star CF Fitness Fitness Coach and begin making a difference today. Fill out an application and we will be in contact shortly to discuss how your skills would best fit with our current programming needs.

CF fitness friends - Casey
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