"Right now many schools have no recess. Most schools have no PE."

 - Richard Simmons

Frequently Asked Questions


What services does CF Fitness offer?

CF Fitness partners with schools with a wide variety of needs. Transform your school with 1 well trained CF Fitness coaches with are Coach Service, join force service partners with elementary schools by providing an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and strengthen a structured physical activities program and Professional Service provides professional training and ongoing development to school staff, paraprofessionals, and after-school organizations to create and maintain a great plyground and environment for fun throughout the school year.

Do you work with middle schools?

CF Fitness programming is designed for elementary schools. We do work with middle schools if there is a fit.

Do you work with Kindergarten?

Yes. We work with all elementary grade levels through our structured recess Program.

Does your staff teach PE classes?

Yes. Our coaches and site coordinators are not Physical Education teachers. CF Fitness does offer 30-45 minute structured physical activity classes teachers to give the school time to have collaboration time. During these Physical Education time, students are able to learn and practice the games and physical activities that will be available during recess periods. Students also develop a sense of belonging, inclusion, fit community, and healthy fun.

Who are your staff? What are their qualifications?

Active, energetic, fun, and consistent are four words that define CF Fitness coaches, site coordinators, and workshop trainers. The number one thing all CF Fitness staff has in common is the commitment and passion for supporting the physical conditions and well-being of children. All coaches, site coordinators, and certified workshop trainers come to CF Fitness with prior experience working with children and generally have worked within similar programs, youth leagues and summer camps, or within other youth service agencies in the nonprofit sector.

Who is responsible for supervising the CF Fitness Coaching staff?

CF Fitness is accountable for training and supervising the work of coaches, site coordinator, and certified workshop trainers. We assign each school site a program manager, whose role is to supervise and support coaches at school site and also site coordinators. Program managers are responsible for overseeing and maintaining program quality at each school site and serve as the primary contact person for school administrators. CF Fitness makes it their point to create a family atmosphere at all their campuses.

How many staff are assigned to a school? ​

CF Fitness Coach Service, one full-time or school request, compassionate and consistent CF Fitness coaches implements our full program at each school. ​ CF Fitness Professional Consultant Service, The CF Fitness Professional Consultant Service partners with elementary schools by providing 1 on-site coordinators to teach, model, and strengthen a structured recess program.

What is the Coaches In Training(CIT’s) program?

The CF Fitness CIT’s program model works with 16 students, called Coaches In Training, for the entire school year. We have found that our format often complements those students who would benefit from being a part of a leadership program where they will participate in fun leadership activities, games, and team building led by a positive CF Fitness role model. The Coaches In Training program focuses on leadership development and training and is designed primarily for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Coaches In Training attend 2 hours of training after school each week led by the CF Fitness Coach. They also participate in team building activities and service at the after school program. The Coached In Training Program provides: Opportunities for leadership: Coaches purposefully provide leadership opportunities for students throughout the school day. They ensure there are different types of opportunities, and that all CIT’s are able to participate. Leadership Skill Development: Coaches work with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to develop their leadership skills. They use debriefs, checks for understanding, and opportunities to apply skills to assess skill development. Shared Leadership on After school Objectives: Coaches and Coaches In Training both feel a sense of ownership of playground objectives and work together to achieve these objectives.

Do we still need to provide supervision at all playground periods

Yes. The role of CF Fitness coaches and site coordinators on the playground is to create fun, safe and wide-ranging choices and opportunities for children. They should not be a substitute for a playground supervisor.

How do schools apply for CF Fitness?

CF Fitness has three service models to meet school fulfillment. For CF Fitness Coach or Professional Consultant Service, if we are currently in your city or region, contact your local CF Fitness branch. School Interest Forms are generally sent out throughout the school year. After conducting school site visits we make decisions beginning in March on which schools we will be working with during the upcoming year. Schools which are not selected are placed on our waiting list. For CF Fitness Professional Consultant Service, request a recess assessment to be put in touch with CF Fitness staff member who can help you get the support you need.

How much does it cost?

The CF Fitness Coach service costs, on average, between $5,000-$50,000 to implement at each school, depending on the schools request. PTA and low free reduced lunch schools are edible for a fundraiser component implemented by CF Fitness. The CF Fitness Professional Consultant service is available for schools, parks and etc. both in and outside of existing CF Fitness regions. A wide variety of engagement levels are possible. Fill out a training assessment to learn more. We also ask schools to provide a basic set of playground equipment (balls, cones, jump ropes, etc.) that usually cost no more than $500 and can be supplemented by existing equipment at the school site.

CF Fitness Consultant Service

How much do CF Fitness Consultant trainings cost?

Rates are based on program length, consultation visits, the number of participants attending, and travel fees. Our local CF Fitness account managers are happy to walk you through every step of our process. To receive a personalized assessment with no obligation to commit, please submit the Training Assessment form and we will get in touch as soon as we can

How far in advance should I schedule a Consultant Service training?

If you have a specific date in mind, we recommend contacting us 4-8 weeks in advance. If your dates are flexible, we can easily accommodate you. Fill out our Training Assessment form to schedule a training.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants for CF Fitness Consultant trainings?

To keep the trainings interactive, participatory, and highly effective, we work with groups of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 36 people. If your program has more than 36 staff members, we recommend providing multiple trainings for smaller groups, or we can send additional trainers to work with the entire staff for a flat fee.

How do I know which Consultant services are best for me and my staff?

Our CF Fitness Consultant Service page descriptions contain detailed information about our customizable professional development programs that will empower your staff to create more opportunities for fun, safe and healthy interaction, during and outside of the school day.

How will CF Fitness Consultant training benefit the students I work with?

CF Fitness Consultant training provides adults who work with youth the tools to create a fun ,safe, healthy, and wide-ranging structured play program. The benefits kids receive from the environment created by a CF Fitness trained adult include: an enriched and active recess or play experience, improved learning and academic performance, development of conflict resolution skills and youth leadership, and fewer incidences of bullying. Read more about the benefits of CF Fitness Training on our Why CF Fitness? and What We Do pages or read our latest Annual Survey >

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