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The CF Fitness mission is to see every child across the United States develop skills through fun fitness routines with a safe structured environment while kids increase their higher level of thinking.


"Each day CF Fitness makes deposits in the memory banks of our future leaders' lives." 

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Our Objective

Our objective is to improve overall knowledge on obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fun fitness programs for all ages to enjoy, as well as using the STEM and PBIS initiatives to enhance the Common Core Standards. We want to create a domino effect with our program in hopes of creating such a convenient and fun environment for all students to enjoy that it will help to keep the students engaged, focused, and steadfast on their educational journey. Creating such an environment will ultimately keep the students excited about school, resulting in better grades, and the high possibility in wanting to continue on to a post-secondary schooling of their choice. 

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Our Future Outlook

Bubble Ball Soccer
Bubble Ball Soccer

Look out CF Fitness takes their fun to a whole another level with bubble ball soccer. One of the greatest things about this game is you get to safely bump and knock each other over while playing a structured game of soccer. Bubble ball soccer has caught the attention of its several schools it services. The children who didn’t like to do much on the playground are having a blast on the playground.  The students get to run around with their fellow classmates and friends and since the students follow CF Fitness Core Values it allows the environment to stay at peace. CF Fitness continues to leave that Walt Disney experience daily.

Steam Aligned Dance Curriculum with CF Fitness
Steam Aligned Dance Curriculum

CF Fitness will be introducing dance into schools. CF Fitness has recognized that elementary have gone away from the art of music and dance. So CF Fitness has developed and evolutional changing dance outlet for school sites. We have partnered up with the World Famous Tommy the Clown to bring that entertaining, Fun and physical fitness component to schools.

Tommy’s has been involved in the latest music and dancing and he engages the kids to get up and dance with him. Tommy has notices how the kids light up when they would dance and Tommy quickly developed a great STEM Aligned dance curriculum for the schools. Tommy is a true role model in the community and will bring added value not only to CF Fitness but also to school sites.

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