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Structured Recess

CF Fitness creates an imaginary experience through play.

Recess is a child's favorite time. However, schools have been given so many check points that recess falls to the bottom of the list. Research shows that when kids have a chance to express themselves through play it improves  children’s social and emotional learning and physical health.

Stewardship at Your School's Recess

CF Fitness supports schools, districts, youth programs and other organizations by structuring their playtimes through on-site coaches, consultative support, professional development, free resources, and more.

For over 5 years, CF Fitness has helped schools develop a blueprint for what works on their playgrounds.  To strengthen a school culture, we’ve learned that an all-inclusive approach is needed. Here are the 4 areas CF Fitness addresses:


Student Engagement

When you don’t know what game to choose, or see students dominating a specific game. Kids are more incline to sit at the tables by themselves: they don’t know how to play, not good enough or aren’t invited to play. Recess must be a time where everyone can show their super powers.

Coaches Model how you can set the tone by inviting students to play, refreshing students’ memories of the rules using different styles to adapt to the children, and showing teamwork. Implementing fun alternative ways to play traditional playground games—like Handball Evolution.

When playgrounds have a teamwork mentality it creates a healthy safe playground. Schools have expressed since having CF Fitness at their site students play harder, safer and together. When kids feel a part of the environment, more kids play likes it’s the last  five seconds of recess getting physically fit.


Student Safety

If the nurse’s and principal’s offices are always filled to capacity during morning and lunch recess everyday day, it is time to reconsider the way your recess is ran.


Instead of specific forced play zones playtime, robbing kids of their free will, CF Fitness can help your school find innovative ways to keep kids engaged. Recess aids can be taught how to use call and response chants to keep kids attention cutting down fights, scrapes and bruises. 

Kids can learn STEAM aligned games and rock, paper, scissors to solve problems quickly and keep the game going. They can give fist bumps and say “great job, your awesome” when kids get out of a game. Recess is a perfect opportunity to install your P.B.I.S model.



A perfect recess, all students feel encouraged to play by themselves or to start games with other students.

There are always natural leaders on the playground, not yard supervision. Students want a chance to display their leadership skills. With our C.I.T. program it’s all kids need to be encouraged to lead games, pass out equipment, and set a positive, fun tone.

The C.I.T. Program puts the recess culture into the hands of Higher Order Thinking upper grade elementary students.



There has never been a person to ever say "I’m having too much fun, I don’t want to do it anymore!" whether an adult or a kid.


It’s an absolute must that every child that steps foot on the playground with CF Fitness has a Magical Experience daily.

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