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"When I was in school I had two favorite subjects: lunch & recess."

 -James Howell

The Birth of CF Fitness

Convenient Fun Fitness Founder James Howell, a full-time professional Track & Field runner, went out on a quest to get Elementary School teachers in shape. During a teacher workout training session, a client, Principal Chiles at Dooley Elementary in Long Beach, California, vented about her recess time:

"Principal Chiles would often arrive stressed out. I asked her, "Why do you always come to your workout sessions late?" She said, "I’m always late because I dealing with behavior issues all day long." Then I said, "If you could have anything at your school what would you like?" She said,


"Structured Recess."

She was tired of seeing the same kids in her office every day, pulled in for fighting on the playground. These weren’t bad kids, the principal insisted. They just didn’t know the rules or how to play the games on the playground. In the meantime, the teachers looked for any reason to avoid recess so they wouldn’t have to deal with the chaos on the playground."

 - James Howell

One Year Later

In that moment, James saw an opportunity to create an active recess program, to make it a positive and productive time for all students. James Howell listened to that principal, and in 2014 CF Fitness was born!

Nowadays, recess is the most exciting time of kids days, the innovative activities that are provided help eliminate any previously unused or chaotic areas. No students feel left out. Fun Fitness, provides the a chance to learn new games, how to make friends, solve problems, and become leaders, every day.

CF Fitness will not rest until every child on the playground is playing like it’s the last 5 seconds of recess. 

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