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CF Fitness brings a life changing experience through quality & innovative recess games. It provides a safe ground for all kids throughout the world to be their creative self.

Challenges to a Healthy School Culture

Many students are NOT getting opportunities to be active in school:

  • Bullying Leads to Fighting

  • Lack of Trained Adult Supervision

  • Child Obesity

  • Disconnected to Generation

  • Adult Poor Language Response to Kids

  • No Staff Engagement

  • No Incentives

  • No Creative Games

Our Solution

Active Kids Do Better

Join the movement to bring physical activity back to our nation's schools:

  • Inclusion Accessible

  • PBIS Trained Staff

  • Staff Engagement

  • Age Appropriate Games

  • Innovative, Non-competitive Games

  • Supervision


Increased Instruction Time


Improved Academics


Decreased Office Referrals


Healthy, Safe & Fun Active Playgrounds


Increased Attendance


S.T.E.A.M. / Knowledge Skills

Exploring Recess

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CF Fitness Partners help support our same mission, bringing us one step closer every day towards a nation where every child across the United States may develop skills through fun fitness routines in a safe, structured environment, which maximizes their higher levels of thinking.

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