Building a Strong School Spirit through PTA/PTO

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Let Them Brag

Set up an opportunity for building spirit from the start by setting up a “brag board” near the school entrance that allows teachers, parents, and students to respond to a prompt like “What excites you about this year?” or “What’s been your proudest accomplishment so far?”

Pick a Theme

Themed spirit days are practically guaranteed to keep kids excited about school. Examples

Play in the Dirt

Kids and adults alike can feel a sense of pride by taking on an outdoor school project like cleaning up the grounds or planting or weeding a garden.

Go Tech

Take to social media to put events on line about the school and the students will gravitate to it giving the school site the momentum they need.

Be in the Moment

Finding casual ways to gather the school community to celebrate events and successes in real time—for example, when a sports team is headed to a big game, assemble the other students to clap team members onto the bus.

Celebrate Differences

Many school communities are home to a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. Give students and families an opportunity to share pride in their heritage by hosting multicultural events like potlucks.

Offer Support

Building unity and spirit isn’t just about holding pep rallies and having fun together—sometimes, it’s about banding together during tough situations. No one can anticipate difficult events, but rallying during such times can make a community even closer.

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