Anxiety During School Return Post-Pandemics

The shift to thinking about post pandemic school environment will cause dramatic changes and is likely to increase separation problems. CF Fitness wanted look at the anxiety problems that some parents and their children might experience when school reopens after the COVID-19 lockdown. Many parents unsure about how to handle anxiety or fear as their children return to school or must visit other environments outside their homes. Social distancing has caused families to develop stronger dependencies at home and to create new routines that vary, in many instances greatly, from their pre pandemic routines. Families are adjusting to the new “normal.” They are keeping their children busy with schoolwork as best they can. Families have been struggling with an unprecedented lockdown, and for many parents and their children, this extended period of family confinement and severe restrictions has been especially stressful, and the timing for returning to school is uncertain. We emphasize with parents that think about challenging behavioral interactions in school settings upon return.

Implementing CF Fitness social distancing conflict resolution tactics like rock-paper-scissors to navigate through disagreements and call response chants that become a common language for school campuses will help ease the transition when students return to campus. Every household has their own unique way of raising their student. So, having a common language that teachers, staff and students all agree on brings added value to a school climate. Having a proactive mindset developing solutions for parents and their children is something that CF Fitness takes pride in. When school returns, we will make it are mission to be in the front-line assuring parents can rest at ease.

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