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inemet 2002 my very good doctor told me i was clearly allergic to it. i told him that i had just started taking it and my doctor hadnt told me about any allergic reaction. he was furious and told me that he wasnt going to prescribe me anymore sinemet. however, i could tell that he wasnt sure about what had happened. he wouldnt write a prescription for it again for a long time to come, so i decided to take no chances, bought a bunch of random sinemet at the drug store, put them in my pocket, and took a vacation for two weeks. in the course of my vacation i had no problem taking the sinemet every day. however, my doctor was surprised to see me after two weeks. i got a prescription for sinemet and i have been taking it daily since. i would love to hear what other people think about meds. not only do i have the sinemet problem, but i take 6 other medications that i would like to hear some people's stories about. i had one reaction to my first prescription, and i think it was to my 4th pill. i took 3 mg. i was dizzy, out of it, disoriented in my body, my heart was pounding, my mind racing, and i could barely talk. i thought i was going to die! i took 3 mg again, and that was worse. i knew that it would happen again. i did not want to stop taking it. i couldnt take it. i talked to my doctor, and he told me to go to the ER. i was going to go to the ER for sure. i told him that i could not take it anymore. he told me i had to take it. i went to the ER. they said that i could not have any antidepressants or benzos or other medications because my liver was fine. they gave me phentermine instead, and said that would help me. i took 2.5 mg of phentermine and it helped, but i was so addicted to the sinemet that i couldnt stop taking it. i go to the pharmacy and they tell me that there are no sinemet in the pharmacy. i call and they tell me that i have




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Ces Edupack 2013 In Torrents

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