VoyageLAMagazine interviews CF Fitness CEO James Howell aout hidden gems around Los Angeles.

Today we’d like to introduce you to James Howell.

James, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

The thought of Convenient Fun Fitness INC came about during my tenure of training for the Olympics at UCLA. As I notice personal trainers working with tons of UCLA staff members. I was inspired to take this concept to Schools to work with teachers and administration. Of course the road was not easy as every site I made pitched to express the words not interested. Until that one life-changing day happened at Dooley elementary school when principal Nicole Child’s said yes.

As I worked with her staff, I noticed Nicole Child’s could not finish the workouts yet alone even show up. She had already compensated me and I didn’t fill right if I wasn’t actually helping her reach her fitness goal. So I ask, “Why is it you can never finish the workouts, etc. She expressed that she used a lot of her time addressing behavior problems on the playground. I then asked if you could have anything at your school site what would that be. She stayed structured play. This is when Convenient Fun Fitness was birth.

Has it been a smooth road?

I have experienced every emotion during this journey. However, I never quite. The struggle from not having enough to pay staff, losing schools in the midst of learning the product, coaches falling short of expectations, uncomfortable conversation, no and heck no’s, broken promises. My faith and background in track & field definitely played a huge role in my resilience to push forward.

Please tell us about Convenient Fun Fitness.

Convenient Fun Fitness INC short for CF Fitness specializes in Active Recess. We are STEAM aligned which brings added value to the games we design for student’s experience on the playground. We understand that recess is a time to unlock their social emotional learning though patterns and we take it extremely serious. We use positive reinforcement conversation structure to assure students are hearing more positive words than negative reactions to their shortcomings. We structure the entire playground in a color-coordinated Walt Disney experience format to excite the students. We increase teacher’s instructional minutes because they no longer have to deal with behavior issues going back to class. Principal’s office is no longer field with students with injuries or recess incidents.

CF Fitness is truly embraced because it is our pleasure to serve one and we higher from the inside out. Meaning the coaches we higher are a product of the product. They come from the company they serve, giving them an instant connection to the children we service. The second mile we go is bar none undefeated.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?

Los Angeles has embraced the ideas of entrepreneurship. As long as you have a concrete plan and drive LA is what I call the land of the free. Let your thoughts become a reality.

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